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About Us

Batteries and battery back-up products are the most vital aspect of today's technology. Almost each daily activity relies on a powerful battery backup, and the quality of the battery determines its functionality. Realizing these quintessential facts about batteries, we, FLUIDOMATIC have emerged as a one stop solution for the best battery manufacturing machines and allied technology. We are a renowned company dealing in various battery manufacturing machines and allied products.

We came into existence in the year 1989 and since then have achieved tremendous success in manufacturing premium quality machines. Today, we are a leading manufacturer, and exporter of Battery Making Machine such as Battery Assembly Line, Battery Heat Sealing Machine, Battery Recycling Plant, Battery Breaking Plants, Lead Smelting Plants, Lead Recycling Machines, & Battery Part making Machines, Container Punching Machine, Inter Partition Welding Machine, Stress Testing Machine, Lid Heat Sealing Machine, Air Leakage Testing Machine, Short Circuit Testing Machine, Grid Pasting Machine, Drying & Curing Oven, Enveloping Machine, Part Casting Machine, Separator Making Machine, Acid Filling Machine, Acid Chilling Machine, Battery Cutting Machine etc.

Our products are used in various Battery Manufacturing, Lead Processing Company / Industries, etc. Moreover, each of our machines is simple to operate, easy to maintain, high quality, economical to run, and competitively priced. Our clientele base is through out India & its Sub Continents and Africa.

Product Range

We, FLUIDOMATIC, manufacture and export an extensive range of battery manufacturing machines and allied products. The following is our product range:

  • Battery Assembly Plant

    • Battery Container Punching Machine
    • Battery Inter Partition Welding Machine
    • Battery Stress Testing Machine
    • Battery Short Circuit Testing Machine
    • Battery Heat sealing Machine
    • Battery Air leakage Testing Machine
  • Mechanized Battery Breaking & Cutting Machine
    • Battery Cutting Machine Single Stage
    • Battery Cutting Machine Double Stage
    • Battery Cutting Machine Triple Stage
    • Pole Extraction Machine
    • Connection Breaker
    • Acid Draining Attachment
  • Lead Recycling Plant
    • Temple Furnace / Blast Furnace
    • Rotary Furnace
    • Air Pollution Control System
    • Refining Pots
  • Battery Breaker Plant
  • Other Machine
    • Acid Filling Machine

Quality Assurance

Striving for higher standards of quality in our products like Separator Making Machine, Acid Filling Machine, Acid Chilling Machine, we follow stringent quality checking methods. Our quality control team conducts checking and testing of the machines. We have the latest quality checking equipments which are used to check quality of the products on several parameters.

We procure premium quality raw materials from trustworthy and renowned vendors located countrywide. In addition to this, we ensure that each product dispatched to our clients meets accepted and established quality standards. In a nutshell, our battery manufacturing machines are an ideal amalgam of modern technology and quality excellence on our part. 


Thanks to a robust infrastructural setup, FLUIDOMATIC has been able to meet all kinds of qualitative and quantitative requirements of the production processes. We have an advanced manufacturing unit which is outfitted with the latest machines, Separator Making Machine, Acid Filling Machine, Acid Chilling Machine and tools. Highly qualified and experienced employees working at our firm ensure that our products exactly meet the specific requirements of the clients.

An advanced R&D facility is a distinct part of our company which meticulously and religiously works towards bringing cutting-edge technology battery manufacturing machines and allied products. We also have a modern warehousing facility which is used to store the products in bulk for effectively meeting any kind of unforeseen demands of the clients.